Welcome to my page!

Hi, my name is Robert Son Hedler. I am a sys admin that like news and technology, not necessairly in this order.
I had done work in helping to create the docker image that is now used for SON-Bitcoin.
I can see a great future for Peerplays and like to be a part of it as a Witness and a SON-Bitcoin operator.

I have a very good experience with Linux and servers but I never run other chains before.

Here is my setup:
- Alice Private Block Signing Node.
- Alice Public API + Seed Node.
- Alice Private BOS Node.
- SON-Bitcoin Node.

If you have more questions, I can be reached at: robert.hedler at hotmail.com.

Here are the specs of my current configuration. I will certainly upgrade as needed:

Intel Xeon CPU E5-1620 v2 @ 3.70GHz - 8 cores
16GB of RAM memory
120GB of disk space
1Gbps download speed
500Mbps upload speed

Thank you so much to everyone who gives support to me in Peerplays!